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Xbox Live Community App

Yesterday was the start of a new month, which means new games for Gold players. But this month, there is more.
Microsoft has launched a new Xbox app called “Xbox Live Community App” that will help you gain knowledge about everything happening in the community:
1- Community spotlights: Meet your community managers and fans who are doing cool things.
2- Play with celebrities: You can join streams and play with celebrities you love.
3- Learn: You can now gather around with community managers and Xbox ambassadors to learn new strategies and meet new players.
4- Livestreams: For showcasing new games.
5- Tournaments: Watch major esports events.
6- Game Launches: Be the first to know when a game will be launched.
7- Free Games: Including free movies weekends and free to play games.
8- Challenges And Contests: Cool stuff to earn or enter to win.

P.S. This app is already available for download.

In the end what do you think Xbox will do in March? Let’s wait and see.

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