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Ever wanted to go scuba diving, but you don’t know how to swim? Or do you love skydiving, but afraid of heights? Well Virtual Reality is here for you. You can now enjoy all these activities without any risks.

What is it?

So, how can you enjoy Scuba Diving without getting the Splash? Or Sky Diving without jumping from a plane?

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, is a simulation of a real interactive world using either a 180 or 360 degrees 3D image. With the special helmet to take you to the virtual world, and the correspondent controller to interact with it, you can live in the scene itself. In other words, it is a revolutionary update from sitting in front of a screen watching a 3D (or even 4D) movie.

VR Helmet

The helmet itself is the most important part. It is the main element behind the VR experience. VR uses a stereoscopic display (duplicated image) in a way that both of your eyes are seeing the same image, but in 2 slightly different angles. In addition to that, the helmet is equipped with gyroscope sensors; capturing the movement of your head using earth’s gravity in order to capt orientation. In easier words, it allows the helmet to determine how you are moving your head; so it moves the picture accordingly making it seem like you are looking at a real object. This sensor works on 3 axis x, y and z.

VR Controller

The Controller comes second in the priorities of the VR experience. Some of the helmets have their controllers built in within, where others have separate controllers to grab by hand. Similar to the helmet, the controllers are also equipped with gyroscope sensors, allowing the detection of the movement. To explain even further, consider this example: you are in a Fishing simulation on the VR! So you are basically wearing the helmet and you have the controller in hand. First of all, to find the fish, you have to look around! Well, go ahead and turn your head around as if you were on a real boat! Yes, it’s that easy… no arrows, no “W A S D” needed. Then, you spot a fish, so you use the controller to move the Fishing Rod and to throw the line in the water.

How cool is that? You just went fishing while sitting on your living room couch!! So go ahead, check you surroundings, put the helmet on, and avoid using it when friends are around; they will film you and post it online. Been there…

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