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Tetris 99 Review


Battle Royale is a game mode very familiar to us. We know and play a lot of them, like for example: Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends and now Tetris.
Yes, now on the Nintendo Switch you can download and play for free a Tetris game called “Tetris 99”. It is the same old Tetris game that you know and love but with a twist. Tetris multiplayer is not something new but playing against 98 other players online? That’s mind blowing!
So 99 players battle through a classic game of Tetris to see who will be the last player standing.

The Mechanics:

As we said earlier Tetris 99 is a classic game of Tetris but with a twist.
This twist lies within the strategy that you’re using to eliminate other players.
You have 4 different offensive and defensive strategies to use:

  • K.O.s: The K.O. strategy is used to attack players who are close to death and piles garbage lines onto targets.
  • Attackers: Automatically sends garbage lines to players attacking you.
    You can use this as a defensive strategy.
  • Badges: Badges attack players with lots of knockouts, which would be a little dangerous, because these players are the most professional in the game and may target you later on, so be careful.
  • Randoms: Randoms, like its name states, the game will randomly select the strategy for you between K.O.s, Attackers and Badges.
    Randoms is the default strategy in the beginning of the game.

One more thing, the game screen shows you all the 99 players and who is attacking you, so you can manually attack them back.

Difficulty And Speed:

Tetris 99’s difficulty increases or decreases depending on the players against you.
Considering the game’s speed, Tetris 99’s speed is fairly slow in the beginning, but it increases when the game hits the last fifty players and will be even quicker when it hits the last ten.


To download the “Tetris 99” game, go to your Nintendo E-Shop on your switch, then, navigate to the search box, write “Tetris 99” and select purchase.
Don’t worry, the game is 100% free.

Finally, if you like playing the classic Tetris game, you will like playing its battle royale version “Tetris 99”.


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