Super Mario Maker 2 Update
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Super Mario Maker 2 Update

Remember Super Mario Maker 2? The game where you make your own levels and upload them for the world to play?
Well it came up with a new update.
What did the new Super Mario Maker 2 update came with?

In June 28th 2019, the day Super Mario Maker 2 launched, the maximum limit of player level uploads was 32. But now with the new update, the number doubled from 32 to 64 level uploads and it will not stop here, the number will get bigger and bigger with time.

Nintendo confirmed that in the first week of the release of Super Mario Maker 2, two million levels were uploaded.
So if with the limit of 32 levels we have this huge number of uploads, think about the extraordinary number that will result with the increase to 64 levels per user.

In the end, Nintendo always gives us cool updates. What would be the next one? New skins? New Themes? Who knows… We have to wait and see.

Did you like the new Super Mario Maker 2 Update? let us know your thoughts.

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