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Steam Controller

We all know consoles, and love them, from XBOX to Playstation, but recently about 2 years ago, something entered our lives, and no one knows, maybe it will erase console gaming. This thing is Steam OS.

What is Steam?

Steam is a software made by Valve where you can play any game available on PC. It’s like console gaming but on a computer. Recently about 2 years ago steam released a new Linux based operating system called Steam OS, its main purpose is to bring PC gaming into your living room. They are trying to attract console gamers to steam.
With that said, now gamers can buy a so called steam machine where they can hook it up to the TV and play their favorite games.

Steam Controller:

In about one year ago Steam released a Steam controller which was very different to your traditional controller. It had 2 like touchpads with 4 buttons without any analogue stick, D-pad or even your A B X Y buttons. The reviews were all bad, so Steam changed the look of the controller to look like the picture below:

Steam Controller

They added an analogue stick, a large D-pad, the A B X Y buttons and let the right touchpad.
The main purpose of this controller is to let you play like you’re using a keyboard and mouse.

Inside The Box:

Once you open the controller’s box you’ll find: a Steam Controller, two AA batteries, a Bluetooth USB connector for wireless pairing, and an extender that lets you move the connector closer to your PC.


When you first hold the Steam controller, you will feel a little bit awkward because of the handgrips which are curving into your palms. The A B X Y  buttons are a little low and small, considering the other controllers. Long story short, your hands need time before feeling anywhere near as natural as Playstation or Xbox controllers. Sometimes you’ll press the A button thinking that this is the B button.
The right touchpad acts like a mouse, so yes now you can play FPS games with your controller rather using the keyboard and mouse. If you flip the controller you’ll realize that you have 2 more buttons which you can map the way you want.


When you flip the controller you’ll see like a button in the middle which is used to open it and put the two AA batteries, one on the left side and the other on the right.
Now let’s configure the controller and play with it:
Once you insert the usb into the pc you’ll have to open Steam Big Picture Mode where the software will realize that you’re using a Steam controller and will automatically ask you for an update. This will take a couple of minutes, depending on your internet connection of course. When finished, voila, you can now use and play with the Steam controller.

If you ask me the Steam controller is good and this is a great step from Valve, but the feel of the keyboard and mouse in FPS games is better.

In the end let’s sum it up with the pros and cons of the controller:


  • Solid buttons and analogue stick
  • You can play strategy and FPS games (even if not controller compatible)
  • Can replace your keyboard and mouse.


  • Small buttons
  • You will get tired after a certain gaming time.
  • Not as precise as your keyboard and mouse.



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