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Fiber Optics

Historical Background

Ever wondered how our ancestors used to communicate with each other? They had no Internet, no phones no nothing! Technically, and unlike today, they used to talk face to face! But now it’s all digital… people communicate with each other using data transfer mediums.

What are those Mediums?

You can transfer data using different mediums. One of these mediums is Copper Wires, like for example Data Cables; Another example is Wireless Channels like WiFi and Microwaves; and the last example that we will mention is our famous Optical Fibers.

Let’s Dig in

Since you started to understand to what you can compare the Fiber Optic, and categorize it, we can start explaining the true meaning of it and the way it works.

As the name states, fiber optics rely on optical signals, and yes, by optical we mean light. So technically, the digital signal is converted to Light… In order for the light to be transmitted, a glass medium will be needed. This medium is the Optical Fiber Cable. It is made of multiple thin fibers used to carry the light from one point to another. Made of glass or plastic, these fibers are as thin as human hair… The transmission of data is then based on the transmission of light. So imagine how fast this transmission is!! You are sending data from one point to another using the speed of light. So in data communication, it is mainly used in long distance networking scenarios.

Is it Reliable?

By far, it is the most reliable method ever. Let’s not deny the fact that no matter what your medium is, you will always have errors and data loss… But in the case of Optical Fibers, it is very minimal.

Real Life Example

One example of Optical Fiber cables is available in our daily multimedia usage. In some TVs and Hi-Fi systems, you find an output (in the TV) and input (in the Sound System) labeled “Digital Output”/Input. if you plug the digital cable in the TV, and look at the other end of the cable, you will find a red light. It’s Fiber Optics! So let’s say you are playing Apex with your friends, and your friend needed help, as soon as he asks for help you will support him, because the sound was quickly transmitted using the Fiber Optic cable. He’s welcome!

To Wrap it up

First the Copper Wires, then the Wireless Channels, and finally the Optical Fibers. We are transferring data using Light!! using the speed of light!!

What do you think is the next step? Any idea what the next data transmission medium will be? How fast and reliable will it be?

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