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Okay so you went to your friend’s house, and he started talking to the walls. Never mind, he’s just hallucinating! But the crazy part is when the walls replied. He doesn’t look so stupid anymore right? You just felt like in a James Bond movie! Well, you’re not… and this is Artificial Intelligence.

Just How?

Basically, he was using a Voice Assistant device. We are all familiar with Google Assistant and Siri, the voice assistants in our smartphones. Well it’s the same concept. You ask the assistant any question, and it will answer. Knowing what to answer is the Key.

So… the Key…

Devices like such are pre-loaded with a huge database of commonly asked questions or tasks. As soon as you ask any question, your voice is converted to a string (text) in order for it to understand it and take action. So basically, when your command is converted to a text, it became as if you typed anything on Google and received answers in the form of text to speech result.

Then it’s Limited to a Database?

Artificial Intelligence is not a magical thing. it’s after all a coded program; So yes, some of them are limited to that. However, some others have the ability to self update their own database. So they are learning new things… This process is called Machine Learning. Crazy isn’t it?


So where is AI used? Everywhere… you will be surprised to know that AI existed in items you always used without knowing! Here are some examples:

Self Driven Cars

Let’s not consider the example of setting the destination, and the car will drive itself there; but another example is the self parking option. It is implemented already in many cars like Mercedes-Benz and Ford etc…

Streaming Services

Streaming services (like Starzplay and Spotify etc…) show you suggested content based on movies (or music or whatever the content is) based on previous ones you watched and liked. This feature is also considered as AI.

Voice Assistants

We are familiar with voice assistants (e.g. Google Voice and Siri). So you ask them anything and they answer. They even tell jokes lol. But that’s not it, voice assistants can control your devices… They can change some settings, call a person, even send a message to someone. Yes, you can dictate the message and it will send it itself by converting your voice to a text message as we have mentioned earlier in this article.

Mobile Phones

Surprised? Don’t be. Smart Phones are much more smarter than you think. You buy a phone with lots of features that you never use, but still brag about it. Most basic example is text-to-speech. It seems so easy and basic, when it’s not! But let’s go deeper and mention the face recognition option. Your phone is able to distinguish between your face and any other one to determine whether to unlock itself or not! That’s not a basic feature at all. It’s based on AI.


You thought that Mobile Phones is Surprising? Then what about games? I’m not even talking about new games. I’m talking about old 90s OFFLINE games. Take for example Chess. You are playing Chess versus your Computer. Have you never though HOW? if you did, now you know the answer… it’s AI.

To Wrap Things Up

There are much more examples of Artificial Intelligence that we use in our daily life without even knowing. The good thing about it is that it is being implemented in a lot of useful topics like for example Medicine… As we speak now, there are new features being updated, and Artificial Intelligence is being more and more advanced thanks to Machine Learning. So when a machine knows what to do, and knows what to say by itself, or using your commands, This is Artificial Intelligence.

So what do you think is the next step in Technology after Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Will Robots take over the world? We will have to wait and see.

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