Apex Legends Anti-Cheating System
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Apex Legends Anti-Cheating System

Online gaming is popular all around the world, and with everything overly popular, there are always people who want to screw the system and win by cheating.
“Cheaters” are commonly known in the online world and mostly in games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG.
These cheaters use bots and different software to help them win any and every match.
That’s why “Respawn Entertainment” the creators of Apex Legends, have come up with an anti-cheating system.

This system will put cheaters in the same match against each other.
This will not be fun for anyone and these cheaters will taste the bitter side of cheating.

“Respawn Entertainment” are also working on an AI that will detect and auto ban cheaters.
This system will also ban spam accounts even before using them.
Add to that, in the areas with high risk of cheaters, two-factor authentication will be required.
People teaming up with cheaters, will be banned also because this wouldn’t be fair for the other players.

In the end, cheaters of any kind in Apex Legends, are not allowed thanks to ” Respawn Entertainment” and its anti-cheating system.
Will the cheaters find a loop whole in this system? We surely hope not, but let’s wait and see.

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